TTC Lines Part 2: Islington

Islington, the second stop on the Bloor-Danforth line, was my other gateway hub to downtown Toronto. Just before I found my first Toronto apartment, I was commuting from Mississauga to Ryerson every morning by taking the bus to Islington station, and then taking the subway the rest of the way downtown.

The upper floor of the terminal offers connecting Mississauga Transit buses that will take you back to warm embrace of Square One shopping centre.

There's something nostalgic about the shops inside the station that I can't quite put my finger on — like something from a bygone era. 

Going through the stations, I began to wonder if there's a specific colour palette that was put in place, like the distinct teal theme here at Islington. Upon further investigation, I came across this excellent essay that details the deliberate colour pattern throughout the system. 

Unlike most stations, Islington has individual platforms for each of the connecting busses.  

A large chunk at the rear of the station is dedicated to these neglected payphones. Despite Islington being a busy terminal station, you'll find plenty of empty space here. 

The next station is Royal York.