TTC Lines Part 3: Royal York

My first thought when I stepped off of the train at Royal York station was "Shit, how am I going to take pictures of this?" It's not as large as Kipling or Islington, and it didn't seem to have the same visual opportunities. I began to think that I had shot myself in the foot by taking on this photo essay.

As I made my way through to both ends of Royal York, I began to see its unique qualities. The first thing that stands out is its overall brownish hue.

As always on the TTC, I can at least get some nice shots of long corridors. 

I'm noticing pay phones as a recurring element in each station, another signal of a bygone era. Although, as my girlfriend pointed out to me, some of these pay phones are able to send text messages through a built-in keyboard. 

For all of my time riding the TTC, I don't think that I've ever walked through one of these large turnstiles. Apparently they're a recurring hazard for bicycles.

The next station is Old Mill.