Updates: Feature Film, KIXFF, and More!


It's been a few months since I've made any posts here, so I thought I would write one big update to let everyone know what I've been working on and what will be coming up in the future.


Feature Film: Konglish

Konglish Banner.jpg

First and foremost, I've been spending the past few months in Busan shooting my first feature film, Konglish. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a few screenshots from the production, even though I haven't been too detailed about the story. 

Konglish is a film about an English teacher in Busan who's lazy at his job and lazy in life. He comes to Korea in search of a good time, but is ultimately unfulfilled. His school gets rid of him, his girlfriend dumps him, and he has to make the choice of going back home or starting over and doing things right.

It's been an incredibly busy few months, but as of this week we are officially done with shooting! There is still plenty of work left to be done -- keep an eye out for more updates on Konglish soon!


Obsession at KIXFF


Some more good news to coincide with the completion of Konglish is that my short film Obsession has been selected to screen at the Korean International Expat Film Festival!

This will be the second time that I have a film in the festival, and I'm looking forward to attending in person this year.

KIXFF will be running from September 29th-30th at the EMU Art Space in Seoul.


TTC Lines Future

ttclines preview 2.jpg

One final part of the update for those of you who have been following my TTC Lines photo series. I plan on being back in Toronto by October, so expect to see posts for the new stations then!