TTC Lines Part 72: York University

If there could ever be “hype” for a subway station, York University Station would have had it. Back in 2009, York University hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the extension that would take nearly a decade to complete. Year after year, freshmen at York were promised that by the end of their final year, the new station would be open to connect them to the downtown core. In December 2017 (two and a half years later than planned), the station finally opened.

I got the chance to see the station in the summer of 2017 as a part of Doors Open Toronto before its official opening.

My main take-away after visiting the station for a second time is that the further away you are from the platform, the more interesting the station becomes.


Heading upstairs reveals the curves and panels that are reminiscent of a spacecraft design from the 1950s.

The clear centrepiece is the giant curved window displaying the entrance/exit of the station.


The next station is Pioneer Village.