downsview park

TTC Lines Part 70: Downsview Park

I’m finally back in Toronto after nearly a year of being away from the city. Rather than working on post-production for the feature film that I just finished shooting, taking pictures of the new TTC subway stations is at the top of my priorities. And by new stations, I mean the stations that have been open to the public for nearly a year—so over the next few weeks I’ll be presenting my ice-cold takes on the Line 1 extension.

First up is Downsview Park station, which is split in half by the train tracks used by the GO train.

The wide opening around the stairs and escalators means that the sound of the trains travels all the way up to the third level, and the daylight from the window touches all the way down to the tracks.


If you peek over the railing on the top floor from the right angle, you can see all the way down to the trains as they travel onwards to the next station.

At track level, all of the new stations seem to eschew the traditional TTC tile-work in favour of a raw-concrete slab aesthetic.


The next station is Finch West.