Seven to Forty Cinema

Uninvited - A Film Made in 72 Hours

This film was made for the 2018 Busan 72 Hour Film Festival, where it won Best Film. The premise of the festival was to create a film within 72 hours while incorporating the given prop, character, and line of dialogue.

We were given our prompts on Thursday evening, which were the line “I’m going to make him an offer he/she can’t refuse“, the prop of a bottle of wine, and the character Edna/Edward Appleby, a cantankerous nurse. We all brainstormed story ideas together, and then Will spent the night writing a story outline.

The next morning we met at my apartment to begin filming. Laurie and Will improvised the dialogue for each scene together until we got to a point where we could place them in the apartment and have them repeat the scene consistently.

We spent the entire day filming, and we had to start shooting away from the window because we were losing light from the sun. When we finished shooting, I spent the night editing a rough first draft, and then sent it off to the rest of the team for some feedback.

The fist cut of the film was far too long, so the entire next day was spent trimming it down to a reasonable time. The final touches to audio and colour were added before exporting the film and handing it in on Sunday evening.