Highway 407

TTC Lines Part 74: Highway 407

While Pioneer Village Station is directly on the border in both Toronto and Vaughan, Highway 407 is the first station to be completely outside the city of Toronto.

While Lines 2 and 3 reach into Etobicoke and Scarborough, they are still technically part of the municipality of Toronto, while Vaughan is its own city.

The station design is marked by a lot of curves, inside and out. The openings for the escalators are particularly interesting, as they lead into a kind of bowl shaped opening.


This is probably the only station where I think that my photos don’t do justice to the design — specifically the exterior, which has the shape of a bird or and an aircraft with two long wings spreading out. In reality these “wings“ are the platforms for GO and YRT busses.

It seems like something that should be photographed directly from above from a drone, but even searching online, I haven’t been able to find such an image other than in design mock-ups or photos during construction.


The next (and last) station is Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.