TTC Lines Part 52: College

Even though College Station was one of my most frequented stations, the contrasty brown tiles never really struck me until I began processing the photos for this post. 

Nor did I pay attention to this mural refrencing the nearby Maple Leaf Gardens (now also known as the Mattamy Athletic Centre, or Loblaws).

The rest of the station remains familiar to me, since this was my stop for the first year that I lived in Toronto.

The first time that I ever went to College Station was several years before I actually moved to the city. It was during TIFF, and I needed to get from Roy Thompson Hall to the Ryerson Theatre as fast as possible (without paying for a taxi) to catch another film. I can still recall sprinting up to the exit and trying to figure out where the theatre actually was. 

I ended up living on College Street a few years later, so I had plenty of time to familiarize myself with the area.

The next station is Dundas.