TTC Lines Part 37: Don Mills

I've decided to tackle the Sheppard Line from East to West in order to make a more direct (albeit clunky) transition to Line 1 for the rest of the series. With that being said -- this week's station is Don Mills. 

Much like the Scarborough Line, all of the stations on Line 4 have a consistent aesthetic that hold them all together. Massive elliptical pillars make up the spine of the single platform that lays between the two tracks of each station.

Taking a peak past the edge of the platform reveals the literal end of the line marked by a conrete wall.

There is a grand and somewhat retro looking cafeteria on the second floor of the station where you can get (as advertised) donuts, coffee, and ice cream.

The third level connects to a bus platform that serves several routes, as well as another escalator that leads up into Fariview Mall.

The next station is Leslie.