TTC Lines Part 31: Kennedy

When I stepped off of the train at Kennedy Station, the final stop on the Bloor-Danforth Line, I was amazed by how much it looks and feels like Kipling Station.

The trim and tiles make it look identical to Kipling, seeming to prove my running thesis of parallel stations on the east and west ends of Line 2.

As a TTC passenger however, Kennedy station couldn't be more different. I have no experience of coming here late at night on the last train back to the suburbs -- I don't even have a clear bearing of where I am in the city.

As I walk around to take photos, I notice that it's surprisingly calm here on the platform. The trains take their time on the platform before departing on their return journey.

Things become more maze-like when heading upstairs. You'll end up on a different level depending on which escalator you take.

Going all the way up to the highest level of Kennedy Station will take you to the Line 3 platform.

These slimmer RT trains depart from Kennedy onto the Scarborough Line that continues east.

The next station is Lawrence East.