TTC Lines Part 56: Union

While there's still quite a few stations to go in this series, Union was actually the last station that I shot. In fact, it was the only station where I took pictures of out of sequence.

I had gone out one day to shoot multiple stations, but I didn't have a good sense of timing. When I arrived at Union, it was precisely 5pm and it was impossible to take pictures with the hordes of rush hour passengers.

I was in a rush to get photos from each of the stations before I moved to Italy. These ones in particular were taken just a few days before my flight.

In many ways this feels like my last submission to this series, especially considering the significance of Union as the central station for Toronto, linking passengers to wherever they might be traveling to: the GO to Hamilton, the VIA to Montreal, or the UP to Pearson and onto whatever destination comes next.

That being said, I've already committed to this quasi-logical ordering of posts.

The next station is St Andrew.