TTC Lines Part 9: Dundas West

There are a few aspects that make Dundas West a unique station on the TTC. 

Dundas West connects with the Union-Pearson Express train. And by connects, I mean that you exit the station and follow a few small street sings that lead to the GO station two blocks away. Apparently, a more direct pedestrian tunnel is in the works

Another unique feature is that, as far as I'm aware, Dundas West is the only TTC station with a McDonalds inside of it. It's even divided in half to serve people that have already paid their fare.  

It's also one of the astonishingly few accessible stations on Line Two. I found this windowed walkway that leads to the elevator visually interesting.  

Finally, it's the westernmost station where you can catch a streetcar. 

The next station is Lansdowne.