TTC Lines Part 12: Ossington

Since moving in September, Ossington has been the TTC station closest to my home. 

As a frequent visitor to the station, I was surprised when one day I saw these patterns placed on the walls.

They're a very recent addition to the station, as part of an art installation called "Ossington Particles" by Scott Eunson. This is one of five stations that will be receiving an artistic overhaul.

At the request of a friend, I've included the description of the installation that is currently mounted in the station (with tape on a small piece of paper): "The Particles tell a story of the natural and human history of this site, mapping the local Garrison Creek watershed and recalling the forest that once covered this neighbourhood. The compositions reference universal patterns of growth and movement, marking and guiding the flow of people through the station."

Heading upstairs (if you exit on the correct side), is a surprisingly large above-ground platform for buses, but no particles have made thier way up there as of yet.

The next station is Christie.