TTC Lines Part 5: Jane

Jane Station feels quite modest compared to some of the other stations that I've shot so far.

Whereas Old Mill felt like a calm space with only a few passengers actually entering and exiting the trains, Jane Station had much more people coming through.

I'm fairly certain that these signs are in every station, but this was the first time that I thought they were positioned interesting enough for a photo.

Another common design trait in the stations are these fluorescent lights mounted in the paneled ceilings. 

Before the PRESTO system was implemented in most TTC stations, it was one of the most frustrating aspects of Toronto transit. I can't even count the number of times where I've used PRESTO to enter one subway station, only to find that on my return trip, a different subway station didn't have PRESTO. Thankfully, it has reached most stations now.

The next station is Runnymede.